Team Building and Leadership Development

Team Building with Horses in Kalamazoo   

Is this the right experience for your group?

  • Does your group want a new approach to development – beyond role modeling and the typical team building activities?
  • Are you looking to better leverage your group’s strengths and unique communication, problem solving, and leadership styles?
  • Do you need to strengthen relationships and improve group dynamics?
  • Is it your goal to ignite energy and excitement within your group?

If yes, then this unique program is right for your group!


Each workshop is custom designed for your group's unique goals and objectives. Typically workshops are a half day, full day, or two days. This is our workshop planning and execution process:

  • A pre-workshop assessment is conducted to identify key focus areas for the workshop.
  • Optionally, an individual assessment tool can be used to develop awareness of individual styles, the need for style diversity, and how to best interact with others with different styles.  Tools such as DISC, Myers-Briggs, and StrengthsFinder.
  • A program is designed by selecting the best activities that target the group's goals and objectives.
  • During the workshop, group strengths are identified and action items are captured to improve the group's day-to-day environment.
  • After the workshop there is a follow-up discussion about the group's progress towards the goals they established during the workshop.



Please Contact Us for a proposal.  Workshop pricing is based on the group's needs such as workshop length, food options, location, rental for an indoor arena, the extent of travel, and other requirements. We can facilitate this program at any location with any horses. We offer discounts for non-profit organizations.

Individual Sessions

Consider an individual session to examine your unique leadership style, including how you communicate, achieve goals, and assert yourself to influence others to achieve results.


Our Team Building Program


"Not finance.  Not strategy.  Not technology.  It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare."
~ Patrick Lencioni

Target these Areas:
Improve Creativity and Innovation
Explore Innovative Approaches
Examine Team Culture
Develop Communication Skills
Celebrate Successes
Understand How You Make Decisions
Explore Interpersonal Styles
Build Confidence
Better Understand Individual & Team Strengths
Strengthen Relationships
Develop Leadership Skills & Mindful Leadership
Establish Goals for Team Change
Develop Self-awareness
Have Fun!

Possible Outcomes:
Enhance Leadership Skills
Improve Teamwork
Understand Strengths & Communication Styles
Strengthen Relationships
Build Better Collaboration
Improve Creativity and Innovation
Examine Cultural Expectations
Ignite Cultural Change
Replace Judgment with Discernment
Increase Confidence
Increase Integrity, Authenticity, & Trust

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